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Evacuation Earth how would that be accomplish we don't know , but we need to be ready when the time comes.

Dear Brothers and Sisters how are all of you today? As you see i have changed my focus on this subject
which i believe is very important to understand. I know i can not change none of you but you must understand that its the Creator its Mission. But we all need to be also involve in these mission.
That's why many of us are here for this Mission to succeed, and be a success.

The Picture above tells a lot, what will happen, and we don't know don't know when this is going to
happen, and one thing I am shore you cannot bring nothing with you. Yes my brothers and sisters,
she will take everything from us back. Every thing you have build, or have as a rich or wealthy person
will not exist any more. If you were the President, King, Leader, Minister, Police, Banker, Judge, Priest,
and profession, it does not matter anymore you will be come a HUMAN BEING, as every one.

ALL OF YOU WILL BE EQUAL AGAIN.  Can you believe that?

The Evacuation Plans we don't now how and when they are going to be executed, but we do know that
many brothers and sisters already have been evacuated, and brought to this Space vehicles which are
parked or Cloaked in our Sky. They would provide everything for them so they would feel at home.
But our Leaders and their Agendas have not been telling us the Real Truth. But we must forgive them, because soon they also will be BEAM UP, to the Ships when the THINGS on earth gets worse.

And when they are in those UFO'S with our space brothers and sisters, they will have to explain what
happen to them. Think about when we will meet all of them, all these leaders among us, and living in peace
together because we have forgiven them. How would they feel? I am not in their shoes so i don't know
but the feeling must be not good.

About the ascension of Mother Earth this is the Grand EVENT the MISSION of all of us to help
her in any way we can also. Its the Creators Mission. So we need to need to be prepared when the
TIME is called.

The Creator must have prepared everything for us, so when the time comes we all are air lifted or some of
us are send to the Inner Cities. So you can see they have Technology that can extract all of us in a couple of
hours if needed. So why worry? We just have to be ready, when its the time we will be extracted.

You have seen many Movies of SCIENCE fiction, and many of you believe that this is not possible,
but you need to rethink this possibility. Every is possible in the Universe. Our leaders have always tried
to keep their Technology which they have received hidden from us. But they did a good job in creating movies to still keep us up to date.

The Inner EARTH where many of us will be going when its the time, for us to leave, because it will not be save for no one, also those that think that D.U.M.P.S. underground bases are safe. They are not.
Every thing will taken away or destroyed, by mother earth. So all those leaders where ever they are
they will air lifted to these ships, where they will be processed.

So again I am trying my best to keep this Subject in the Light, because our leaders and media will not say nothing about it. But i can assure you all many of them will be the first to Leave the Planet.
Because they don't want to die. They know also that the game is over, and most of them will come clean
because they understood that its the END of the AGENDA.

ITS the EARTH is time to take back what many of them have done, everything is returned back to her.

Have a blessed day

Ronald Wederfoort

MOTHER EARTH will Cleanse all her Self, Heal her Self, and reclaim all his land back, and take the Journey to Higher Consciousness,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

How are all of you today? These couple days i have seen that many brothers and sisters,
are still deep into things in this Old World paradigm and Old ways of thinking and behaving.
People are stilling thinking in stealing Lands, and properties and mining Minerals and resources
from countries which are not theirs.

We don't care for Mother Earth, and we do what we please against her, and with any concern
or her permission we do what we believe is good for us. Nature knows what is good and bad
for us but we have not been listen to her, and to our higher self, and we have created this situation
which we are living in.

Again lets understand this, Mother Earth was always there for us, if done so many bad things to her.
Now its her time, that she is going to make a Journey to a higher consciousness. Just try to be in her
shoes, or to understand what she has to go threw, because she knows that the Process she is going
to execute has never been done before, and she worries for what is going to happen to us.

What she is going to do, has never been done before, so she does not know the process
steps, and also many of us don't know how it is going to happen. So none of us now
how the Creator with her are going to perform these divine Process. So she is also
concern what is going to happen to all of us.

THE PLAN of ASCENSION of Mother Earth.

As you all know during the Birth of baby the Mother is nurtured and prepared when its the time
to deliver the baby. its going to be the same. But the earth is going to go threw many phases
which we can not comprehend. There are many Brothers and Sisters which are in space which
are here to help and nurturer her. Yes they are here millions of Ufo, of different world are here
to see this grand event.

So during this EVENT of Cleansing we can not be on her, because we can not survive
all things she will be doing to Cleanse, and also Heal her self. So i would not be able to
provide more information how this will occur.
You all remember the Flight 370 of Malaysia was saved by space brothers who are to support mother
earth, so when they had experience problems they were saved by them.
Yes they are here and our Governments have been keeping them in the Darkness, but we need not to
worry with our leaders and Governments and the Media soon they will understand that Mother Earth
does not discriminate, and treats all his children equal, and will provide all of you with the Signs, and
the messages when she is about to start the Process.

You all have seen and heart how the Earth Quakes and others Nature activities has increased, and
as you all know the sign the MOON gave us "BLOOD MOON SIGN"

So my brothers and Sisters, we need to be prepared, but also understand that the Creator always
will provide us all with a solution. So in case we need to depart the Fleet of Ufos, of our space brothers
are ready to lived us up to safety if needed.

Do you think our Space brothers and sisters dont know what mother earth is doing everyday?
Yes they know they are the ones that control her so that the area she is performing the cleansing that
people will still be save. If not then they are evacuated from those areas by their Ships. No body is left to
die or to suffer, they are there always for us.

BUT the media, and our Governments would not tell you the truth, as they have been doing for many years.
They would believe they can hide in their underground cities, but i need to tell them that mother earth
knows where every body is hiding because its her body, and she is going to reclaim every thing back.

So she can ascend to a higher dimension.


 The Angelic Human Beings are the ones who will be in charge in watching over her, the question is who
are these brothers and Sisters who are given this Job to protect her, and love her and to be there for her

She understands what needs to be done that what happened to her never happens again.

I hope this message has explained that we all need to be prepared, and try to do as good as you
can to mother earth, and other human being. Soon there will be a new WORLD, and she will reclaim
every thing which is hers. So let everything in this world Go, because its not ours.

Have a blessed day.

Ronald Wederfoort
5999 5156118

Friday, April 18, 2014

CCICS - Curaçao Chamber of Commerce & Industry contacted me with the procedures to setup CCICS.

Eliany Adelina <>;

April 17, 2014

Dear Mr. Wedefort,

Please accept my apology for the delay. Attached you will find information on how to register a company, a N.V. or B.V.

Curaçao Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Eliany Adelina
Trade Promotion, Investment Promotion and Business Information Department
Address: Kaya Junior Salas 1
Tel.: (599-9) 461-3918
Fax: (599-9) 461-5652


Curacao Caribbean & International Compliance Solution. (CCICS) 
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Stichting "FUVAREKO" Jules Eisden KOMUNIKADO Nos mester para e Kriminalnan di KOL Blanku aki na Korsou.

Stichting "FUVAREKO"

CIS - CLONED VEHICLE IS A CRIME. (USE of CLONED Vehicles in Criminal or Terrorist Operations)

Steering Clear of Car Cloning
Some Advice and Solutions
In Tampa, some of the luxury vehicles seized in
In Tampa, some of the luxury vehicles seized in "Operation Duel Identity," a multiagency
investigation into car cloning and auto theft that spanned 20 states and three countries.

Car cloning: stealing the identity of a legitimately-owned vehicle and slapping it onto a stolen car.
It’s a serious crime problem that’s being aggressively investigated by law enforcement. For example: today in Tampa, we joined with our partners in announcing that 17 major players in a long-running car cloning criminal enterprise have been indicted by a federal grand jury.
The good news is that in the not-too-distance future, a new national database may help make car cloning a thing of the past.
How does car cloning work? Like the Tampa case, it begins with a stolen vehicle—usually a luxury car or fully-loaded SUV.
Then, the vehicle is “cloned”—its manufacturer-installed Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate is pried off and replaced with another one. This second VIN plate actually holds a legitimate number that came from a vehicle of a similar make and model in a different state. Other phony ownership documents complete the cloning. At that point it can be easily registered with a motor vehicle agency in another state.
Once the stolen vehicle is registered anew, it can be sold. In the Tampa case, more than 1,000 cloned cars were sold to witting and unwitting buyers in 20 states and several countries, with estimated losses of more than $25 million to consumers, auto insurers, and other victims.
So how big is the possible impact of cloning on consumers? Huge. If you buy a cloned vehicle and its true pedigree is discovered, the car will be confiscated, and you’ll still be responsible for any outstanding loans. If your vehicle is the victim of car cloning, you could be accused of a variety of offenses—from parking tickets or cutting somebody off in serious criminal activity like organized crime. And you could spend a great deal of time and money trying to prove that it wasn’t you or your car after all.
Enter NMVTIS, or the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. This Department of Justice database, operated by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, is an electronic system that links state motor vehicle departments together…and once fully operational should go a long way towards shutting down car cloning activities. If a car is titled in one state, a criminal should not be able to steal its VIN and use it on another vehicle in another state—the database will spit out a hit showing that the number is already in use.
So far, 37 states participate or are in the process of participating in the system. A federal law mandated the creation of the database and the participation of all 50 states by next year.
Tips on how to steer clear of car cloning:
  • If you think your car was cloned (for instance, you receive notice of unpaid parking tickets that aren't yours), contact your local police.
  • If you’re car shopping, beware of a car being sold for substantially less than comparable makes and models.
  • Get a copy of the car’s vehicle history report.
  • Check out the VIN plate on the dashboard for any evidence of tampering (scratches, etc.).
  • Look for incorrect spellings on paperwork, like vehicle titles.
  • Trust your intuition—if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

What to do if your vehicle has been cloned

If you are being contacted about fines or charges for which you are not responsible, it may be because someone is using your registration mark. It is possible that your vehicle may have been cloned.

If you think your vehicle has been cloned

Cloning involves the copying of the identity of a similar (non-stolen) vehicle already on the road. Criminals find an exact match of the car they have stolen and replace the number plates on the vehicle with false number plates.
If you suspect your vehicle has been cloned, the following points will help you avoid becoming a victim of further crime.

What you need to do

If you think you have been the victim of vehicle cloning and your vehicle is registered in Northern Ireland you should:
  • return any fines or correspondence to the issuing authorities providing them with any documentary evidence you have
  • write to the
  • Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA)
    County Hall
    Castlerock Road
    BT51 3TB
  • or fax them on 028 703 41422, they will record your correspondencecontact the police - it is a matter for them to trace and prosecute the culprit to prevent this illegal activity from continuing

What is being done to stop cloning?

As part of the government’s drive to reduce vehicle related crime, DVA has implemented measures to seek to address the problem.
The introduction of the Registered Number Plate Supplier (RNPS) scheme means that:
  • all current number plate suppliers in the Northern Ireland must register with DVA
  • registered suppliers must keep a record of every sale
  • documentary evidence of the customer's name and address and entitlement to the registration mark requested, must be obtained

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This Cloned Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 Grey was taken Taken form a Brother and he wants it returned.

This Cloned Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 Grey was taken Taken form a Brother and he wants it returned.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This Case is the reason I started to in investigate what was really going on in these Areas outside the USA, with the situations of the CLONED VIN NO. Cars who are being imported also here on Curacao.
The Question is now, even if we find the Car how to solve the case because will cause many problems
for every one.

Think about it for a second, how much problem it will cause to every one, because the Car could be sold
to an other person, who has probably asked a loan, and also has paid insurance on the car, and also
would have a Cloned Vin No.

What also if there is going to be investigation the Dealers or people who are behind these types of businesses
are going to afraid to expose their Money Laundering scheme, which has been going on for many years.

What will the our Justice Department do, what will Motor vehicle Departments( Keurings Lokal and Government maintaining the Vehicle info) do, will they try to investigate, and or find a solution for this
situation which is about to get bigger?

And how would the New Owner feel that he has not told the TRUTH of the CAR, by the Seller of the
Stolen CAR.

So my brothers and sisters, we need to help this CAR be found, and while doing that we need to find
a way how to solve this issue, because its against the laws to practice this kind a business, and
I will be posting more about VEHICLE CLONING, and how we trace all the CLONED Vehicles
very easy with the help of the NSA, who do know where they are.

        2008 Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 Sedan Stolen

     This Vehicle was Stolen from a brother before his house which was located at this Location
     which i will providing and we want to find out where the car is located now.

     The Car was taken from these location on the Date of  20 MARCH 2014  4:00-7:00 AM.

     The Address of where the Vehicle was take is : Nickeriestraat 23, Curacao
     The Vehicle Vin No. was :  JNISNCS1A9U002913
     Parked at Latitute                2.1560826
                Longtitude               -68.9268563

During our investigation we found that the VIN no, did not comply with the Standards, and
were invalid. I guess Stolen car with a fake VIN.

Black Box Will Be Mandatory In New Cars By September


Automotive black box mandatory in new cars by September

The black box will be mandatory in new cars starting this September. What it is meant to do is record the conditions of your driving in case you’re in an accident, so insurance companies will have an easier time figuring out what really happened.
Less time will be spent sorting through drivers trying to cover up their calling, texting, or eating habits behind the wheel, because the device won’t lie.
Some fear it may lead to the government tracking us as we drive, though it would deter grand theft auto cases if would-be thieves know about it. Nobody would want to steal something the police could find that easily.
It was also previously reported by The Inquisitr that the automotive black box could be used to track how much you drive and charge you for driving too much. While this will certainly help fund the nation’s efforts to repair the highways, anyone looking to drive cross country could be held back knowing that the drive itself will cost them extra. Longer commutes to work or people who live miles from the nearest store would be hit the hardest.
The device is also feared to be yet another tool of NSA surveillance, and combined with a new HD dash camera which will be used for tracking your driving habits, the US government may even record what you do while you drive. If you like to sing in the car, you may have an audience already and not even know it. The technology for that isn’t mainstream yet, as it was just announced at CES 2014.
Citizens who knew about last year’s test in several states expressed their dislike for having a device which records their driving habits. For some, driving is their greatest chance to get away from everything, and that little piece of privacy is potentially being taken away.
On the other hand, insurance companies could make it a benefit to policy holders who volunteer to use the black box. Insurance could end up becoming a “pay as you go” offer like some low-end cellular phone services, so if you don’t drive as much, you don’t pay as much. Some skeptics say that’s not likely, but it is possible.
If you’re okay with having the black box in your car, you have nothing to worry about and you might even save money on your car insurance. If you’re not okay with it, then there is bound to be a used car dealership near you eager to help you find something else.
Just know that by September this year, the automotive black box will be mandatory in all new cars and trucks.


Curacao Caribbean & International Compliance Solution. (CCICS) 
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The rescue of Flight 370 while the Plane was suffering Hydraulic Failure, and Whisked out the air in Mid-flight by Spacecraft from SIrius.

The rescue of Flight 370 while the Plane was suffering Hydraulic Failure, and Whisked out the air in Mid-flight by Spacecraft from Sirius.

THE GOVERNMENTS are not admitting the TRUTH, because they don't want people to know that they are the 
GOOD Guys, and they have TECHNOLOGY which they don't have. And they were always there in Space,
and ready to come and assist us, when its the correct Time. 

Think about that, they are trying their best to HIDE the REL TRUTH again. SHAME SHAME on them. 


March 18, 2014, High Falls, NY.  A comprehensive announcement describing the rescue of
Flight 370 has been recorded by WhoNeedsLight News.  The plane was suffering hydraulic
failure, was in an uncontrolled state, at risk of imminent destruction.  

Whisked out of the air in mid-flight, it was taken aboard an enormous spacecraft from Sirius, 
claimed to be part of the Federation fleet under the Ashtar Command, whose full report is available

Radar pictures confirm the appearance of alien craft and the sudden disappearance
of Flight 370. Confusion reigns in the search and rescue efforts because of the astonishing
anomaly which points directly to extremely advanced technological intervention.

Read the full explanation from this source, which cites the connection between sightings
of cigar-shaped UFO’s in the skies over conflict areas (recently the Ukraine), the capture
and safety of the passengers, and a new demand for countries around the globe to
participate in initiating NESARA law.

Commander Ashtar claims responsibility for the rescue and for the demands,
in cooperation with the passengers, who have offered to act as “hostages” to bring
about immediate world peace.

The entire interview can be obtained by contacting Dr. Kathryn E. May at

Click on link below: Messages/AshtarTranscript
Anne DeHart :
Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

Curacao Caribbean & International Compliance Solution. (CCICS) 
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